2010 11 24 Super Sekret Agent Karma

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Super Sekret Agent Xi'an

Karma and Warbird

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NYC - Various Churches

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Karma becomes a Double Agent


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Cont'd from Chance Encounter and this happened all in the same night as Chance Encounter:

Mark and Careworn Priest - Emitted by Karma


It's pretty much half an hour after the encounter in Salem that Carol makes the call. She actually debated following you around Salem but she's big, blonde… yeah she wouldn't blend in well. So she headed home to NYC and along the way she inserts her bluetooth earpiece. "Call Mark." she says into the voice dial function. Mark being her Air Force MilInt contact.

The phone rings perhaps two and a half times, before it's answered. He is military intelligence, after all, and they always seem to be near a phone. Brisk and efficient, Mark answers with an almost clipped cadence to his voice, "This is Mark." Obviously, he is not one for the genial greetings.

"Mark. Danvers here. Wonder if you can run down a name for me, list known associates, any suspected dealings… just had one of those… hunches like I used to get, and I know I'm not on the payroll here, but I'd consider it a personal favor…." offers Warbird as she coasts along at subsonic speeds, aiming for her penthouse.

When Carol identifies herself the voice thaws slightly, as he says, "Danvers. Good to hear your voice. Been awhile." And that's really it for small talk, perhaps it could have gone on for a minute more, but when Carol identifies that she needs a favor, well it puts Mark right into true work mode. "A favor, hm? All right, you'll owe me one though. What's the name?"

"Xi'an Coy Manh…" there's a pause and Carol spells it out to the best of her ability. "Sounds Vietnamese, and something about it just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, like I -oughta- recognize it but I don't." She dips down and skim right about ten feet off the surface of the water as she approaches MAnhattan now… at least enjoying the flight.

"Xi'an Coy Manh." Repeats Mark, more of a murmur as he starts his search. There's a definite pause but Carol could likely pick up the sounds of fingers tapping away at a keyboard. "Mm - " Is then heard as well, as Mark processes the search.

"Well, it's definitely a Vietnamese name, like you thought but I can't say I have a ton of info, Danvers. Looks to be the usual sort of thing. Let see, she was rescued at sea by the Navy - came to the US with only her younger sister and brother. Father and mother died on the boat." There's a few more key taps as he scrolls down, "Became a citizen, adopted her siblings … She doesn't have too many known relatives it seems. She had a twin brother, but it looks like he's dead as well."

"No relations to anyone on our watch list back in Vietnam? No connections at all? I'd hate to think I bothered you late at night, over a hunch that I was totally wrong about." Carol murmurs as she gains altitude and starts passing over the first rooftops of New York City. Damned good thing she sprung for the noise cancellation feature in her earpiece!

There's a couple more clacks of fingers on keys, "Let me trace it back and see." States Mark and after a handful of seconds he says, "Well, look at what we have here. Seems she has a relative, an Uncle." There's definite satisfaction in his voice, as he hits pay dirt, "Her Uncle is Nguyen Ngoc Coy. Not sure if you know the name yet, Danvers, but he's a pretty big fish and while we haven't been able to tie him to anything concrete, we're pretty damn certain he's a high end criminal lord down in Madripoor. Slaves, drugs, that sort of thing. Low life of the low." Growls Mark as he continues to scan the list of what they suspect Uncle Coy has been up to. "Pretty certain he's killed several of his fellow 'warlords'."

"… Madripoor?" asks Carol as she comes to a dead stop in midair. "I just had a run-in with some Madripoor related leads… not to mention a cargo container full of asian refugees… on the same ship as a crate from Indonesia was broken into by metahumans looking for a package that wasn't declared on any customs reports… Romanov and I are thinking it came from Madripoor too, but it was stolen by minions working for Baron Zemo… it may not be connected, but it can be a shoe in the door. You think she has any actual working connection to this uncle?" she asks as she lands on a rooftop near the waterfront.

At the mention of cargo not listed on a manifest, Mark becomes even more interested, "Really? Besides the refugees, what else was in the crates? Anything we should be made aware of?" As for whether Xi'an has any true connection to her Uncle, Mark's voice drops to something approaching apologetic, "I'm sorry, Danvers. There's nothing positive in the reports about whether the two are truly connected. They're definitely blood relatives, but other than that - " There's the equivalent of a vocal shrug from Mark, his informatmion can only take him so far.

"The cargo was.." and Carol repeats a lot of mundane stuff that the guy running the scene didn't detail, said it was unimportant… "But the refugees were linked to it and turned over to homeland security and the FBI. Maybe they got some inkling of where they're from. But thanks Mark… I just had one of those… oddball hunches about her. Maybe I'll do it the old fashioned way and just ask her." offers Carol as she heads home with a smirk on her face.

There's a few mm-hmms, and uh-huhs, as Mark jots the information down. At the mention of the FBI and Homeland Security, "All right. I'll just pull their reports and see what else they say. You would think they'd share knowledge -" Snorts Mark, but everyone understands how the government works. "Well, sorry I couldn't be more help, Danvers. Let me know if you need anything else and how it turns out. I know how your hunches work. Take care of yourself out there."

"You too Mark… oh and get some sleep." that said, Carol hangs up and looks back northward… now how to find -one- kid in the state of New York… hrmmmmm

"Thanks, Danvers. Take care - " And before Carol hangs up, Mark adds quickly, " - by the way she has an emergency contact listed in the States, a Father Bowen. Hope it helps." And with that said the two lines are disconnected, and Mark turns back to his wonderful job of Military Intelligence.

"Oh, just like him, to tease and run." mutters Carol as the line disconnects. "Now how do I find this father -Bowen-?" She looks about and is glad that New York city has no shortage of catholic churches. So she just picks one and heads towards it, changing her costume into street clothes once more.

The Church seems relatively empty at this time of night, though, there are people scattered through the various pews. The air about the church is very quiet and repressed, heavy, if you will as most of the people have their heads bent, either over their praying hands, or over their bible. It doesn't seem like there's an actual service going on, though there are definitely nuns and a priest or two about.

Let's not make this too complicated… pick a priest.. there! Carol just doffs her hat and shades and starts walking towards random priest number one. She doesn't have a stern or angry expression on her face… in fact she goes out of her way to smile and at least appear approachable so as not to throw folks off here.

The priest, while not elderly, seems somewhat careworn perhaps by what he hears everyday from the people. All of that worry, anger, strife, sadness, even it wears down a man of the cloth. Still as Carol approaches, the Priest offers a politely friendly smile when he realizes he's her target, "Good evening. Is there something I can help you with?" Perhaps a bit presumptious of him to ask, but most people who walk up to a Priest seem to need one thing or another.

Priests are the caretakers of the souls for millions. (Nevermind the little boy issues). Carol offers a smile and in her Boston accent she says, "Actually, I was hoping you might either be able to help me directly, or know who I could speak with to find out something. I'm looking for a Father Bowen… and have no idea which church he resides with…" She doesn't really -want- to go into detail yet.

It seems Fate is with Warbird tonight as the Priest listens to Carol's requests, and recognition immediately crosses the care-worn features at Father Bowen's name. "Actually, I do know Father Bowen. Let me get the Church's address for you, one moment." And with that said the Priest shuffles off toward a side door, that leads into the various offices that aren't typically seen by the usual Church-Goers. It will take a good five to ten minutes before he reappears, but eventually he does and as he closes in on Carol he'll extend a small piece of paper towards her. "Here's his address right here."

Of course, Carol assumes that the priest might be calling Father Bowen and warning him someone is looking for him. Whether this priest thinks Father Bowen is in danger, or it's just a friendly and polite warning is not really a problem for Carol. However, to help put the father at ease, when he comes back with the piece of paper… she reaches to accept it with a warm smile and asks, "If you could do me a favor… if it wouldn't trouble you too much. I'd love it if you'd call ahead and let him know I am on my way, just so that I don't interrupt anything important he may be doing. I would hate to be rude. My name is Carol Danvers…"

There's a faint tilt to the Priest's head as he listens to Carol's request, but in the end, he nods and states, "Thank you, Miss. Danvers. I'll let Father Bowen know you'll be arriving soon. Please be careful out there." He'll wait until she turns to leave, to do as she requested - to make the requested phone call to his colleague and friend.

Carol assumed that the request would actually put the father at ease and might actually help out. She nods to the father and walks out of the church before glancing down at the address. She studies it for a moment and then tucks it away before pulling out her cellphone and GPSing the address. No point in running all over creation if you can have your phone telling you, "In one hundred feet, turn left…"

The Priest does as Carol has requested, but alas, the phone rings and rings in Father Bowen's office as he doesn't pick up. Knowing that the young woman has already left the Church, all the Priest can do is offer up a silent prayer that whatever she is looking for she'll find.

The directions to the Church are pretty straightforward, thanks to the invention of GPS. It's not a large Church, but it's sturdy and obviously well tended to from the looks of the doors and windows. It's obviously still open to the public as the windows allow the lights from both candles, and electricity shine forth possibly offering an inviting warmth to those people who are looking for it.

Making sure her civilian attire is subdued enough and not gaudy, Carol steps inside. She projects a quiet careful body language and heads towards the front of the worship center. Once there, she goes to her knees out of respect for the peace and good will of the place, and basically waits to be approached. She's hoping the call went through but if after five minutes or so, nobody approaches her, she'll adjust her plans.

The Church is much like any other, quiet, respectful and peaceful. It's obviously not one of the 'richer' churches out there, but everything is well cared for and with an obviously loving hand. There are a handful of people within the Church, with most of them towards the front pews, and with a few towards the back as well.

Carol will have to wait her five minutes, as no one approaches her in that time, perhaps Father Bowen is out or attending other official duties, but it's clear that he's not here currently. Or at least not able to attend to whatever Carol's needs are.

It's toward the end of those five minutes that the door of the Church can be heard opening and closing again as another patron enters the establishment and as luck, or perhaps fate would have it, it's just the person Carol is looking for.

After the conversation with Carol, Xi'an couldn't help but feel anxiety, both for her friend's and for her own plight, and during such stressful times she's often found some measure of peace and solitude in Father Bowen's Church. And so here she is looking for a brief respite from her thoughts and fears.

She's only just stepping further into the church, her bags still haphazardly hung from her hands, as she steps toward the closet pew near the door. As she moves towards her intended seat she of course looks towards the front of the church, likely paying her respects mentally, and that's when she catches a glimpse of blonde hair.

The blonde woman is kneeling like she's praying and be honest… how many blonde women are in New York? Now narrow that down to how many are likely to be in churches at this time of night? But there are a lot of churches. Carol has a good situational awareness, but right now she's looking for the father, not Xi'an… so for the moment, her back is to you as she just has her head bent forward, using peripheral vision to keep an eye out.

Even as Xi'an spies the glimmer of blonde hair, the Vietnamese woman's actions are so ingrained when it comes to Churches, that she quickly settles into the pew. Placing her bags gently and quietly down beside her feet, Xi'an can't help but stay focused on Carol's figure, as she tries to get a better look at the kneeling woman. Perhaps she's being over sensitive to it but Xi'an has always been fairly hyper-observant about the areas around her.

That's a good skill to cultivate for certain, but after a while, Carol does indeed stand up where she was kneeling at the front of the church. She turns and casts her own eyes about the sanctuary in search of Father Bowen. The odds are blue eyes and brown eyes will meet at this point, and Carol's head tilts to one side as she catches sight of Xi'an. Hrm, talk about cutting out the middle man…

When there eyes meet Xi'an can't help the look of surprise that flits across her features as she recognizes Carol from their earlier meeting today. It's obvious that she wasn't expecting to see Carol again especially this night, and at the Church. Her surprise is great enough that she'll rise up from her seated position, her bags forgotten at her feet. Realizing she's too far away for a proper conversation (especially in a Church) Xi'an will instead raise a tentative hand towards Carol.

Shrugging, Carol was worried that Xi'an was going to bolt, not invite her over. She was all prepared for a foot chase or some such. so instead of that, she relaxes a bit and nods before striding over towards that section of the pues. "Xi'an.." she remarks softly as she settles in beside the vietnamese girl. "I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting to see -you- here." she adds in hushed tones.

Perhaps Xi'an wouldn't have bolted per se, but there's definitely a questioning look to her gaze as Carol draws closer. Perhaps there's a tinge of suspiciousness in her dark brown eyes as well, as this seems a bit too much like a coincidence for her.

Still when Carol is close enough Xi'an offers a quiet, "Good evening, ma'amselle Carol." And at Carol's words Xi'an can't help but bob her head in agreement, "Non, I was not expecting to see you either. I did not realize you were a part of this congregation as well?"

"The difference is, I was -hoping- to run into you, but this was the second step on what I expected to be somewhere around a six step process of locating you." Offers Carol. There's times when subtle misdirection is best, and then there's times when showing some of your cards can make the person you're playing against make a mistake. "How's your Uncle… Coy's his name, right?"

"You were looking for moi?" Queries Xi'an quietly, however, her expression shifts when Carol brings up her dreaded Uncle's name. It's quite clear that Xi'an wasn't expecting that particular name to enter the conversation at all, as her expression shifts to something akin to astonishment and guilt all mixed together. Unconcsiously Xi'an will take a step backwards, away from Carol, but with the edge of the pew behind her there's truly no where for Xi'an to go, and so she will sit again, "My Uncle … How do you know him?"

"I've got friends all over the world. I know people who know people. My only question is… based on your behavior up north, I find myself wondering if you aren't working -with- him these days.." Carol seems perfectly relaxed in the situation she finds herself in. "If you are, then I was hoping I might talk you into exploring other…. alternatives." She doesn't smile… in fact her face is a mask right now… one that's almost expressionless as she discusses this matter with the girl.

As Carol speaks Xi'an can't help but cross her arms, in a rather protective manner, as she listens to the other woman. Her expression while initially surprised and somewhat guilty has now closed to a more guarded nature, especially when Carol talks about alternatives. Tilting her head sideways slightly, Xi'an asks in a rather repressed tone, "Alternatives? Why would you offer alternatives? I did not place you as in the same league as my Uncle. Especially when we both realized you knew the Professor as well."

And as she says that Xi'an can't help but grimace slightly, realizing how ironic that is coming from her, since she currently works for her Uncle.

"Well, aside from the Professor, who I am sure would be glad to help you get out from under your Uncle's thumb, I know many people who would be happy to give you alternatives.. both legal and helpful. I will put it this way… I have a sinking feeling that your Uncle will be having upcoming issues. Let me put it this way." Carol is still seated in her pew and looks totally relaxed as she turns her eyes your way once more. "So long as his business remained at home, then it was a local problem but as -soon- as any of his business crossed over into another nation then it became an international issue, and the world's problem. So tell me, would you want to be involved with him when he goes down? Or would you like to make a life for yourself that didn't involve things like working for a man who specializes in prostitution, slavery, and human trafficking?" She raises a single brow and adds, "I have friends in the State Department and Homeland Security and they would be happy to have you out of his business, perhaps even giving them some information that would help make this a safer world. I would guarantee your safety… -personally- as well."

At further mention of the Professor, Xi'an says, "I cannot even say if the Professor knows where I am. I left in .. a terrible way, with very little notice." All she left them was a brief note, a -note-, that's enough to cause Xi'an to look down and then away from Carol from the guilt and shame of it all. The guilt compounds even further at the mention of her Uncle's career and what his businesses really deal in and with.

And while she should likely worry more about herself, especially at Carol's vague threats of being taken down along side her Uncle, the Vietnamese woman doesn't as she looks back towards the blonde, "I do not care about my safety - I accepted the position with my Uncle knowing full well what he was - is, he is a monstre." One that definitely deserves to be taken down, at least in Xi'an's eyes, however like most things there is a but, as she continues, "But you do not understand!" Exclaims the dark-haired woman, "The safety of others could possibly hinge on my Uncle."

With a brief smirk that would make a certained Burned Spy proud, Carol shakes her head. The smirk is banished and she says softly, "Okay, he is a monster. We both agree. But the question is… would it be -honorable- to let him keep being a monster, or to do whatever was needed to end his monstrosity?"
She stays seated and to all outsiders it would appear as if she were just praying and murmuring softly, despite the urgency of the conversation. "You have a unique position, and a unique opportunity. I will make you this offer… help me take him down… from the inside. I will try to take him down in a manner that will put him in prison but not kill him…. but what he is doing must be put to an end. I am going to do this with or without your help… but it'll be a lot more effective with someone on the inside."

Karma's hands twist in her lap as she clutches them together, and at Carol's offer she'll look away yet again, as she considers it. Staring towards the front of the Church it's rather clear that Xi'an is having some form of internal monologue, as her head tilts slightly to the left and right occasionally. She's weighing the advantages and the disadvantages of what to do.

Her sibling's lives might depend on her Uncle's knowledge, or he could easily be stringing Xi'an along. Xi'an has often had that thought with how tight her Uncle has been playing his cards to his chest. Turning her dark gaze back to Carol, Xi'an states, "I will help you, ma'amselle, but you must help me as well. My petit frere and petite soeur, little brother and little sister, are missing. My Uncle has told me he would aid in the search for them, but I do not even think he has even tried. This is the -only- reason why I have worked for him. I must find them. I am their only true family, and I will not let them be harmed, so long as I'm alive."

"You have my word. We -will- find your siblings." offers Carol. There's heartfelt emotion in those words. Really the first emotion at all of the conversation. She shakes her head, "If you like, you can give me some clues as to where to start looking for them and I can do that while you work inside the organization to help me bring it down. I would prefer to know your family is safe -before- we make our move."

Xi'an's expression crumples ever so slightly, just a hint of lines around her mouth and a faint furrow along her forehead, at Carol's questions about clues. "Je ne sais pas. I do not know. All I can tell you is I came home to our apartment, and they were missing." And at that point the apartment exploded, though she does leave that out for now, "I have had others who attempted to find them as well, and they could not locate them at all." Her voice drops to something akin hopelessness, before she casts a quick look toward the front of the Church. Gathering strength she adds, "I had thought perhaps with my Uncle's unsavory contacts that he might have had better luck, than I have had so far."

Looking back at Carol, Xi'an adds, "I know I should not have agreed to work for him, but they are my family. I had, have, to try everything I can to get them back. I do not know if we will be able to have them safely back before my Uncle has to be dealt with. WHat would you have me do? I must return to him soon, I fear I have stayed in New York longer than he would like."

"You will work for him as you have been. Do not change your routine… do not do anything that will make him suspicious. Get me the location of the apartment and I will begin my own investigation. I may pay your uncle a visit to find out -if- he knows anything about their disappearance." Carol pauses and asks softly, "Do you think it's possible that your uncle took them and is holding them to -keep- you working for him?"

The apartment address is rattled off, and then after a quick pause, Xi'an adds, "I do not know if it is still there. The apartment was destroyed from a … fire." The last is offered hesitantly, Xi'an would rather not say bomb in the Church. "I do not know if there would be any clues left over, after the .. explosion."

"I have considered that very same option." Xi'an says, "But I do not believe he has taken them. Once before he had tried something similar, but thankfully he did not succeed and as of yet, I have not been able to find my siblings anywhere in my Uncle's domain. The first time it had happened I was able to find them, and with aid, rescue them from his clutches but this time - nothing."

Glancing sideways at Carol, Xi'an asks, "Do you feel it is wise to question him about my siblings? Would that not tip your hand and or possibly make him suspicious of moi? Perhaps he will think I have talked to someone."

And of course Carol has a thought. She inclines her head to the left and thinks about it for a long moment. The thought… would Chuck (Professor Xavier for you folks who don't understand who Chuck is)… be able to locate them with Cerebro? And if so, why didn't Karma think of that? Well, if she didn't go to Chuck, the odds are he wouldn't be able to help….. She shakes her head and looks your way, "I promise that we -will- find them. You return to youruncle and do not behave -any- differently than you have been. Let me call in some of my other resources and see what I can come up with. Deal?"

"I will behave as I have been. It will not be so difficile - difficult." Remarks Xi'an, and then with a slight bow of her head towards Carol, Xi'an adds, "Merci beau coup, ma'amselle. I wish I did not have to ask for help, but I have exhausted almost every means of finding them." Which was causing Xi'an to start to become quite desperate, "You will contact me when it is time, oui?"

"Absolutely, but before you leave. Let me meet with you once more. I will give you a burner phone, and an earbug you can use to keep in touch with me. Do not use it often for it could be detected. But… the phone will be good for one call before they can trace it. Meet me here in 2 hours… and then you can depart. I will do everything I can do, I promise." she offers as she stands up and starts heading out.

At the mention of a burner phone Xi'an can't help but cant her head slightly to the side, puzzlement apparent on her face, but at Carol's further explanation Xi'an understands. Limited phone calls, otherwise it could be traced, "Oui. Je comprends. I understand." Once Carol is up and gone, Xi'an will wait several more minutes after that and then make her way out the door as well.

Precisely two hours later, Carol returns and has a small hip-pouch type bag. In it is a simple cellphone and a bluetooth that Carol explains. "This isn't actually a bluetooth, it'll pass airport scans and such but you just pull the ear-insert out and plug it into your ear. It's small enough that it'll be difficult for anyone to see. Once there, you press the small button on it to activate it and the one I'm wearing will connect me to you and you to me. You can mutter softly and it'll carry over the mic. Got it?" she asks.

Xi'an, being Xi'an, arrived earlier than the specified two-hour time limit. Always punctual is Xi'an. When Carol arrives again and offers the phone, earbud and phone carrier, Xi'an accepts them gracefully. She'll examine the carrier, the cellphone, and everything before she bobs her head in a quick nod. "Oui. Yes, I understand. If there are any new developments I will contact you via the earpiece." Everything is tucked into a small purse that Xi'an brought along with her for this second visit.

After a few minutes more of conversation the two break apart and leave, each going back to their respective domiciles, with Xi'an likely readying herself to go back to Madripoor and once again beneath her Uncle's thumb.

The End!

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