2010 11 17 News Clash At The Seaport

Operations between piers 87-94 were disrupted today when a super battle erupted between the Avengers, Wonder Man and Warbird when they faced off against reported super criminal Tiger Shark of the Masters of Evil and the Atlantean known as Orka.

The battle took place primarily upon the cargo ship, Asian Driver, and the dock adjacent to it. Many cargo containers were smashed by the villains as they seemingly sought something within them. One such container, caught from a perilous fall by Warbird held 36 refugees from Indonesia who are suspected victims of a slavery / sweat shop ring.

Reports suggest that the villains obtained what ever it was they were after and fled into the harbor's dark waters. The Avengers were unable to apprehend the nefarious duo but pledge to capture them in days to follow.

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