2010 11 17 Investigating Zemo

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Investigating Zemo

Warbird, Black Widow and Wonder Man

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Avengers Mansion

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After the battle, three Avengers try to follow up on the information obtained.


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Carol returned earlier, and after debriefing with Natasha they set about learning what they could of the shipping crate's origin and manifest. Electronic parts from Indonesia, from a company with no known ties to persons of possible interest. By the time Simon joins them, they've determined it was likely snuck into the crate to get it into the States. Not much help there, since what passes for surveillance on Indonesian docks is not impressive. Widow's on her third cup of coffee by now, and strums her fingers on the console as she looks through all the available information again.

Pacing the room behind Widow, Warbird has her coffee cup in hand. She's drinking just as much as Widow is.. and the combination of black coffee and pacing really is what helps her think things out, "Okay, so we have an almost certain dead end there, and no known sitings of Baron Zemo of late. Do we think SHIELD might be able to provide us with any information on either end?" she asks.

Simon enters. His hair is still wet and disheveled. His body smells clean (of soap) and he wears jeans and a black on red Atari T shirt. His eyes are covered by a new pair of sunglasses and over his shoulders is the towel that he still uses to dry his hair.

Entering the room he spies the women working and likes what he sees which is translated to the smile on his face as he stalls in the doorway observing. Then he gladly greets, "Ladies. Have we found Zemo's super secret base so we can go destroy it?"

Widow considers, turning away from the monitors to look at Warbird. "There's certainly a file on him there, but I don't know that there's more recent information. I'll contact them for it, though. And anything on the other two." She smiles to Simon then, and says "Not yet. But it seems likely there's a Madripoor connection given the proximity to Indonesia."

"The question is… did Zemo send those two to -steal- the item from its intended destination? Or was it intended for him in the first place?" asks Carol as she sips … okay finishes her coffee. "Hi there Simon. We're trying to track down a location to strike at. It'd help if there was anything you might've noticed that stands out."

Simon almost says something that could be construed as non-professional and catches himself before expounding. Instead, he looks upwards at the ceiling and quietly ponders as his index finger taps his chin. Then as if he's about to reveal something extraordinary, he opens his mouth and relays with a disappointing tone, "I got nothin."

There's a flicker of a glance from Widow to Warbird, as though Simon's reply proves a point of some sort. Then, she says "Tell me the whole start to finish on it all? Maybe there's a detail to be picked up on there."

Nodding, Carol sets her empty cup down and finds a seat someplace nearby. "Okay, I was called in and flew there. Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed was the big blue guy.. Orka I think.. tossing crates about. He was talking to Tiger Shark who I never really -saw- until the end. I flew down and caught a crate he was throwing about and it turned out that it was filled with immigrants… so I set it down and got them out before engaging Orka. Then Simon showed up while I was keeping Orka busy."

"When I showed up, Carol was down and I took out Orka. Then Tiger Shark dropped a crate on me and Carol got it off. I think then we went after Tiger Shark who had the case … then it went bad cause I couldn't catch him before he hit the water.

Black Widow listens, one leg crossed over the other. She nods as they explain what happened. "Did you hear anything at all of what they said to each other?" she asks them then. "If they were talking, of course."

"I heard the crate number… and the name Zemo. Aside from that.." Carol shrugs, "Seeing Tiger Shark retreat towards the water where Simon here so thoughtfully sent Orka when he… 'took him out'… I knew it was going to go badly, but once they were both under, with the item, I knew we would not be able to pursue effectively."

"Well, I thought I took him out." Simon grins with a rebuke. "I totally couldn't let him get his mits on ya. Never know what that .. dude .. would have done."

Black Widow mmms quietly. "It's unfortunate, yes. There was no way to follow them, at that point." She thinks more, then says "I'll see who else is available to give a hand with this. Orka and Tiger Shark are one thing. Zemo's another. Cap will want to know."

Nodding, Carol adds with a grin, "While I appreciate the thought Simon, I -am- capable of taking care of myself. Next time we're up against guys who come out of the water, what say we do our level best to keep'em out of it, eh?" Yeah, her Boston accent is shining through a little bit. "I was hoping he'd come over to investigate so I could blast'im the moment he peeked into the crate I was in. I was -trying- to use a Rope-a-Dope type thing."

Simon starts to see it clearly now. "Ooooh." he remarks slightly embarrassed. "So anyway, I gotta make a few appointments. You two lovely ladies keep it together and I'll, if it's cool with the boss, will be hangin."

For the moment, Natasha prudently stays out of any discussion between them about the strategies used - or lack of them. She nods to Wonder Man, then says "You're more than welcome to stay as long as you like, Simon. We're always happy to have you in New York with us."

"Absolutely. I could use a workout against someone tough enough to take it." offers Warbird with a smirk as she leans back in her chair, fingers lacing over her abs as she looks oh-so-serene now. But then she says towards Natasha, "So, you let me know when you hear back about any of this?"

Simon will make his exit.

Widow chuckles to the comment about having someone tougher around. She nods then, saying "I will. Whatever's in that case can't be good for anyone. We need to find out what they're up to, and stop them before it happens."

"Indeed. We need to track this down if only to know -where- Zemo's at and what he's up to. The more he's able to put together without us learning the details, the better the chance of any schemes coming to fruition." Carol says that and shakes her head. "I could use a ginger ale about now.." she mutters.. though the tone of voice is more of the.. 'I could use a -drink- about now..'

Nodding, Natasha replies "Go on ahead and do your stuff. I have a couple more hours before I'm relieved. I'll see what else I can turn up in the meantime. Maybe we'll get lucky with some security cameras." She looks like she doubts it, but that doesn't mean she won't keep trying.

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