2010 11 17 Clash At The Seaport

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Clash at the Seaport

Warbird & Wonder Man

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Seaport, Manhattan

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Warbird and Wonder Man try to foil the plans of Tiger Shark and Orka - but fail.


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Operation: Galactic Storm proved a strain between many of the Avengers and Captain America because they went against his direct order. Wonder Man was one of them. So he's been a little scarce, so much so that he's not even been back to the mansion since the event and been spending his time in LA working on a movie. But there's always the time to come home.

The seaport comes to life in the early morning hours with piercing alarms that indicate some sort of emergency. That danger comes in two forms. Orka and Tiger Shark. Both villains are found atop a docked cargo ship tearing through large crates in search of something. Minor fires have broken out, people have scattered, and the danger increases with every passing second as the two are annoyed that what ever they are looking for isn't directly on top or within an easy access.

And after that operation, Carol was hospitalized at Avengers Mansion and was dealing with the loss (mostly) of her powers. After several weeks of care, she had begun drinking and only just really got cleaned up last week. She was basically helped into by Tony and this morning she was in the shower when the alert came in. "Ugh…" she muttered as she shakes her head, "Really?" She steps out and with the remnants of her power she radiates energy outward and dries herself off while at the same time forming her costume about her.

And when she finds out that the rest of the Avengers are a bit occupied on some mission in Europe… or in business meeting in the case of Tony, she tells Jarvis, "Well, I'm not -officially- back from my leave of absence… yes I know it's been years but still. Just do me a favor and tell the rest of the team that I'm back on duty… and responding to that alert."

And with that, she soars out of the mansion with an updates Avengers comm unit/card and heads for the port area at high speed…. and so she enters the area from high above, in a powerdive.

Orka is seen tossing a 53' long shipping crate over the side of the cargo ship. It impacts with the dock/concrete beneath and essentially rends/shatters as metal is torn asunder from the impact. He yells to Tiger Shark who is several yards away doing the same, "What was the shipping number Zemo gave you, again?"

Tiger Shark answers with a snarl as he hoists another shipping crate over the opposite side of the ship (which will land within the water), "84D-69547-K. By the time you get the number in that thick skull of yours, we'll have found it."

(Great… two of'em) O O o o . . "Warbird here.." says Carol over the com, "Looks like Tiger Shark and… some other undersea type strongman. Any chance for some backup?" she asks. After all, she might be confident in her own abilities, but she's lost a lot of power recently and isn't sure what she's capable of. Plus, she understands procedure and principles of backup and such. "Either way, I'm going in to see what I can do."

And then she finishes her dive, swooping in to try to catch the next container tossed from the ship. She hopes that as fast as she moves in, it'll be a bit of a confusion as to why that container stopped… at least for a moment.

Over the com Wonder Man chimes in. His voice is upbeat and almost excited, "Warbird. Wonder Man here. I'll be glad to lend a hand. I'm about 3 minutes out. Leave me some fun. Over."

Catching the container, Warbird will quickly realize that it's filled with loose contents that shift inside while screaming which is followed by several thuds. You heard that right true believers, 'screaming'. The shipping container is filled with people. Refugees from a far away land being smuggled into the United States as cattle and perhaps destined to work in sweat shops.

(Wonderful… people in shipping containers…) O O o o . . thinks Warbird. And then she hears Wonder Man and remarks, "Be careful, not sure how many, but there -are- containers filled with people. Keep it in mind so you don't smash any…" That said, Warbird takes the time to set the container down carefully, ripping the end open and saying, "C'mon people. Get moving!" she remarks as she summons energy to her hand to illuminate the inside of the container. "We don't have much time, move, move, move!" she announces in her best military officer's tone of voice. And then into the com, she adds, "Evacuating the refugees, expect interference from Sharky and his pal."

People of Asian origin are terrified, slightly injured, underfed, etc, but they will manage to pick themselves up and flee the scene in time (a few minutes).

Above, Orka looks over the edge wonder why there wasn't a horrendous crash and he yells back to Tiger Shark, "Hey TS, we've got company!"

"Be Advised, I've been spotted." remarks Warbird who tells the refugees a direction to flee in. "Call the local law enforcement and emergency personnel. We're going to need help with these refugees." That said, she lifts herself into the air and lands on a shipping crate -away- from the one being vacated. "Hey big blue!" she calls out, "Stop wasting your time there and let's do this… unless you think you -need- Tiger Shark's help to take one woman on!" She's going for the taunting, annoying side of things here and hoping that she can get the two of them arguing to buy time.

Wonder Man replies, "Understood. Be careful."

Around (but keeping a pseudo safe distance, dockworkers are observing the action. They are penetrated by local police who know their place in situations like this - crowd control. But in this case, the crowd is coming out of a shipping container. They'll start their approach.

Orka smiles, rows of sharp teeth seem to want to spill from his mouth, "Oh baby, now we're talkin'. TS, keep looking for Zemo's precious package. I'll take care of the /cape/.

Agreeing, TS goes back to work and Orka super leaps from his position toward Warbird. Fists clench above his head as he descends with the intention of slamming her into paste upon his landing.

Well, at least she managed to arrange to only have to fight one at a time. "Not very subtle, are we?" asks Warbird as Orka comes leaping off the ship. She turns that glow on her hand from torch brightness to magnesium flare level to try to blind the guy. She figures anyone who spends so much time underwater might be especially susceptible to super bright lights. That done, she will try to simply sidestep and let the guy impact where she's not. She hopes she's fast enough but she's still worried that she's not got enough juice…

The descent was long enough, blinding light works, and side stepping is her friend. The dual fists SLAM into the container they both stood upon. But there's the added bonus of his weight and the force of the slam combined causes the container's top to buckle and collapse in on itself. He'll go down with it. As he does, he roars his disapproval and tumbles onto the dock.

Damn, Warbird's still getting back into form. She's used to doing things a bit differently, with Zero G… and she sidestepped, didn't side-float. So she is just as affected by the collapse as Orka is. She drops and ends up landing on her feet at least rather than tumbling. Time to try the direct approach now…

So she zips in and angles for a flanking punch to the kidneys and follows up with an attempt at an old style Judo hip toss. Whether these can actually -hurt- the blubbery guy or not, she can at least try to keep him occupied while blinded.

Orka is struck. Though he's pretty resistant to damage he still takes the brunt of it which knocks him forward a few yards. He recovers quickly and grabs a nearby chain (not your ordinary chain, but one that is a foot thick and a score of yards long). Turning rapidly, he hefts the chain and swings its' loose end toward Warbird, "You're gonna pay for that!"

(Let's hope I still have -some- of the Binary powers!) O O o o . . thinks Warbird as she points her hands at the incoming chain, trying to summon forth enough power to slag the thing before it hits. For a brief moment, she worries when nothing happens but just before it hits, a blast of force projects from her hands with rather bright and potent intensity. So when the flash clears and the shattered chain is sent reeling, she is still standing there.

"Gonna require a bit more of a hands on approach there blubber." she states as she settles into a defensive stance.

Seeing the results, Orka growls his reply, "Hands on, you got it!" as he rushes toward her with an intention of grappling with her. His massive 8' frame and massive hands will attempt to reach and take hold of Warbird by the waist and head. "I'm gonna take you out."

"Got an ETA?" asks Warbird over the comm softly as she braces for the incoming attack and then steps into it to try to discombobulate it. She knows she really can't hurt the guy without finding a way to charge herself up and without any real energy to absorb, that's not happening. So she steps in close and kicks out at his knee at the same time as using an elbow to try to divert the direction of his charge. She's glad she spent that time learning Krav Maga, and it comes in handy in situations like this… when she's trying to redirect so many hundreds of pounds of blubber….

Wonder Man relays, "I'm over the Hudson right now, almost there. You've not taken them out yet, have you?"

With her getting close in his approach, that just gives him the opportunity to give her a hug. Which he will do what he can to envelop her in a great big ole bear hug while he oofs with her connected strikes. "Hold still!" he yells.

"Right, so you can get your blubbery mitts on me." mutters Warbird as she ducks beneath an arm and summons that power again to try to blast right at Orka from point blank range. She's hoping to at least drive him back a few feet so she can get some clearance but… the guy is -tough- and likely abosrbs the impact before following through. Carol is struck, but she's pretty damned tough too. Her body flies backwards into the half-ruined shipping container and the impact puts her inside of it…. the question is, is she still conscious in there? There doesn't seem to be much movement.

Orka will stumble backwards from the impact and then knocking her back shifted his movements.

That's when another POW! takes place as Wonder Man comes out of nowhere and slams Orka in such a way that he's knocked into the side of a ship with another THUD! which is followed by a SPLASH! as the villain hits the water.

Wonder Man brushes off his hands as if he just finished the job and turns to the container with an excited and pleased within himself tone, "Warbird, did you see? I totally slammed …. " which is then cut short by another SLAM as the end of a shipping container comes down on Wonder Man. Crushing him into the concrete of the dock and then collapsing toward the container that Warbird resides.

The container she's in lifts off the ground as the woman inside raises into the air. She turns and uses the hole she made to see out of the thing. The back end rips out as she twists and grips and tears and then she tosses the two halves of the crate -she- is in towards the source of that attack on Simon. One, then the other. "That was smart… knock them into the water, where they're stronger and heal faster." she mutters. "I was -trying- to keep them on dry ground."

The crate was tossed by Tiger Shark from above.

From a supine position, Wonder Man looked like road kill beneath the crate. Once it's ripped and taken off him he rises up, unharmed - but his clothing is a little tattered and his sunglasses are shattered. He stands as he takes what remains of his sunglasses off and states, "Oh hell no, these cost me 300 bucks!" in an irritated tone not concerned with the stronger or healing faster remark - he's more concerned with his sunglasses.

Above on the ship, Tiger Shark ducks the shipping crate and then moves back onto the deck and out of direct sight.

"Simon. Snap out of it!" calls Warbird, her own costume looking a bit worn. She fires a blast at the retreating Tiger Shark, likely missing before landing beside you and giving you a stern look. "Okay, simple plan… concentration of fire. Let's find them, and when we do, we both take out -one- before moving on to the next. None of this posturing macho crap, got it?" she asks, hands on hips.

The sunglasses crumble within WM's hands and his glowing red eyes return to look upon Warbird. A nod is given and he answers, "Let's do this."

And up goes Warbird, "Going for bird's eye view." she remarks as she streaks straight into the air and does her best to get a recon job done. "Hey boys! Where'd you go?" she calls out, "I can't believe you're hiding… from -me-… you -must- be cowards!"

Wonder Man doesn't go straight up, instead he goes up the 60+ feet to just above the cargo ship's deck.

Both heroes will note Tiger Shark bounding across the deck toward the 'water' side of it. In route, he scoops up the thing they were looking for. It's a silver metal box no larger than a brief case. He tucks it under his left arm like a football and continues to rush toward the other side of the ship - apparently attempting to flee the scene.

"There!" explains Warbird, "Great, headed into the water. Wonder Man, I still need to breathe, how about you?" she asks as she aims herself that way, hoping against hope to catch Tiger Shark before he gets into the water. She knows better, but she hasta try.

"Nope." Wonder Man answers as he starts flying directly toward Tiger Shark's back. It is noted that Wonder Man has the speed to intercept Tiger Shark just as Tiger Shark will be leaping over the edge.

Wonder Man continues, "But I'll get him before he does." anticipating his ability to grab him before Tiger Shark hits the water.

Something about this strikes Warbird as wrong. Then it hits her. She twists in midair and sure… she flies -fast-, but she wasn't wanting to move recklessly fast. However, she has a feeling she knows what's about to happen, and she aims a full power blast right at the point of the water beneath the intercept point where she's now assuming Orka will be making a whale-like leap out of the water to attack.

Tiger Shark leaps. He twists mid-air to see the approach of Wonder Man.

Wonder Man intercepts Tiger Shark. Arms outstretched and grabs at the man-fish.

Tiger Shark kicks Wonder Man square in the chest.

Then, as Warbird anticipated. Orka leaps out of the water from below. His upward rise would have intercepted Wonder Man, however the blast from Warbird knocks him off course and he releases a pained roar.

Tiger Shark will continue into the water, Orka too will subsequently splash down.

Wonder Man impacts with the side of the ship having been propelled by Tiger Shark's kick to the chest.

Directing her energy senses, Warbird endeavors to figure out if there's anything radiating from within the stolen briefcase, but she doesn't pursue into the water for now. She knows that the moment she's in their element, they can keep her there and drown her. Now if there were lives to save, it'd be different but as it stands, it's stolen information or whatever was in the case. "I assume you're intact Simon." she mutters into the com as she hovers over the water, about twenty feet up and watching down into it.

Nothing radiates from the brief case.

Both villains descend into the dark waters of the harbor. Wonder Man recovers from the dent on the side of the ship and says aloud and over the com as he starts to descend toward the water, "I'm going after them."

"If you're sure. They were here to steal something. In fact, I overheard something about Zemo… I'm going to see if I can locate Baron Zemo's current whereabouts.. no point in chasing the messengers if I can intercept the package at its intended delivery point." suggests Warbird as she switches her com on and calls the mansion. "Warbird to Avengers Base…"

[Avengers] Warbird says, "IC: Warbird to Avengers Base. Need a little help with some analytical intelligence gathering.."

[Avengers] Black Widow replies "Avengers Base. What can I do for you, Warbird?"

A few minutes later, Wonder Man rises out of the dark water and hovering up to Warbird, "I lost them. I think they went south."

[Avengers] Warbird remarks, "Wonder Man and I just engaged Tiger Shark and Orka at the docks. They got underwater and Wonder Man is pursuing. I can't survive underwater without holding my breath so I thought I'd try something like working smarter, not harder. I overheard one of them mention Zemo, and figured that if you and I can piece together where Baron Zemo might be located, we can try to intercept them at their destination…. Wonder Man thinks they were headed south…"

[Avengers] Black Widow pauses. "Zemo." There's a quality to her voice that suggests this can't end well. "Yes. Get back here and debrief, and we'll see what we can turn up."

[Avengers] Wonder Man takes a moment to catch up on the channel as he was just under water, "Debriefing…" he groans.

[Avengers] Warbird says, "Simon, it's an essential part of the job. Now, I'll race you back to base if it'll help. Just think, even if you lose you get to spend the whole trip behind me…."

[Avengers] Wonder Man replies "Rock" as he then becomes distracted with the race.

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