2.1.1 Power Notes

Some power sets need more clarification. This section covers individual powers to give better detail than the MSHRPG can offer.


  • This power is not considered a Psionic Power. It is a kinetic power as it does not run off of psionic energy nor does it target the mind.
  • TK is not inherently tactile; however this can be bought as a power stunt and circumvents the need to see target. But is still reduced by range limiters.


  • The Desolid character must hold one's breath to remain desolid.
  • The Desolid character cannot take action against the physical environment directly.
  • If the Desolid character has a projectile weapon, the weapon's projectile will become solid the moment it leaves the contact with the character. Thrown weapons will also act the same. Items placed inside a target and then released will also become solid and do damage to the target. All items of the above nature will be at -2CS to damage due to them coming back into the physical realm.
  • Energy Emissions will remain intangible. Especially those of the Energy Sheath variety. However, this is defined in Rank.
  • For Example: Desolid Gal has Phasing at Good (10) rank and she has Photon Emission at Amazing (50) rank. She is able to blast a target with 50-10=40 points of damage. But remember, Desolid Gal cannot phase through anything above Good (10) material Strength. So when a villain walks up to her with his Incredible Body Armor (40) punching her with his Monstrous (75) strength. She's going to feel it at 65 points of damage to her pretty little mug.
  • Psionic abilities will work just fine while being phased. No modifiers or alterations needed.
  • Flight is taken as a Power Stunt and is called Airwalk. It is designed around the ability to walk upon molecules of the atmosphere/environment and prevents the person from falling.
  • Gravitons (Marvel Gravity) still effects the target so they don't go flying off into space. However, on the opposite side of that coin, they are not pulled into the core of the planet.
  • Magic is useable, but defined by the type of effect presented.


  • Darkforce manipulation does not require you to purchase Energy Emission due to it's nature. To emit it, you are technically pulling it from another dimension and 'controlling' it to strike another person. Note, if you are within a dimensionally shielded area that is above your power rank, pulling from the Darkforce Dimension will be impossible. And if your power rank is above the shielding level, then the resulting energy will be calculated as follows:
  • Power Rank - Shielding = Effect
  • Gateway is not allowed in this power as a stunt. Teleportation (Self and/or Others) is allowed.


  • Plasma is a great and very powerful power set. However there needs to be a few details pointed out:
  • When choosing plasma projection, you will need to choose one of the following types.
  1. list item
  2. Radioactive
  3. Fiery
  4. Magnetic
  5. Photonic
  • However, this power cannot be reduced in rank. And therefore always does Maximum Damage to the target.

Energy Transformation

  • As with many powers in this book, they leave a lot open for discussion and translation. Energy Transformation is a power that allows you to transform into any energy and thus power stunt off of it to have massive amounts of power.
  • There needs to be a few guidelines to this power framework and here they are:
  1. Choose one type of power to transform into.
  2. The initial power stunts you receive off this power are:
  3. Resistance to the power that you are currently transformed into at rank
  4. Energy Emission limited to producing the power: IE: Electricity Boy can power the toaster. This is not an attack power.
  5. Energy Control limited to your own form. Meaning, it maintains your cohesiveness and prevents you from scattering the energy to all corners of the galaxy.
  6. You may only use power stunts when in that form. And you are only resistant to the energy when in that particular energy form up to your rank vs. the opposing energy rank.
  • For example: Energy Lad has power stunts of emission/projection, control, rocket flight and energy sheath. All of these powers are directly reflective to the energy type that the person is maintaining.

Energy Conversion

  • The ability to convert one form of energy into another.
  • Conversion of Kinetic to Potential or Potential to Kinetic is not within the range of this power.
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