2.0 Dice Pools and Rolling

Every rolled action a player makes in the MHRPG is resolved by building and rolling a dice pool. A dice pool is a collection of dice gathered together. You roll them and keep two dice to represent your TOTAL (which determines if you succeed) and one die to represent your EFFECT (which determines the level of your success). After you have rolled, your opponent also assembles and rolls a dice pool. The results of both rolls are compared to determine success.

The roll of the person performing the action is known as the ACTION while the roll of that person's opponent is known as the REACTION.

A dice pool can have one die each from the following categories:
1. Affiliation
2. Distinction
3. Power Set #1
4. Power Set #2.
5. Specialties
6. Assets (if available)
7. Push/Stunts/Resources (if available)
8. Complications (if available)
9. Stress (if available)

NOTE: If something doesn't fit a situation, you can't add it to the die pool. If Hawkeye were punching Stilt-Man, he might be able to add his Enhanced Reflexes power but not his Weapon power. Likewise, if Hawkeye was trying to help Stilt-Man through marital problems, then none of his powers would be appropriate, nor would his various specialties. He'd be stuck rolling just his Affiliation and Distinction.

If action TOTAL => reaction TOTAL, the action succeeds.
If action TOTAL < reaction TOTAL, the action fails.
If action TOTAL => reaction TOTAL + 5, the action succeeds and the action EFFECT die is staged up +1.

If action EFFECT => reaction EFFECT, the action EFFECT die remains unchanged.
If action EFFECT < reaction EFFECT, the action EFFECT is staged down by -1.

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